9 Evergreen Marketing Principles for Creating High-Converting Facebook Ads in 2020 and Beyond

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a webinar with the team at AdEspresso.

Unfortunately, when we started the webinar, GoToWebinar crashed and we had to cancel the broadcast (Thanks Coronavirus). But not to worry… I recorded it for you locally and AdEspresso got it published on YouTube.

You can watch the replay of the entire webinar here…

In the webinar, I tried to focus on marketing principles that will outlive Facebook or any other advertising platform. My agenda includes:

  • Why Good Marketing Matters
  • The A3C Ad Framework
  • 10 Reasons Why People Buy
  • The Ad Arsenal: 9 ad types to sell any product or service
  • Principles of Testing Ads

Start around minute 6:33 I start to analyze 24 real-life examples of ads and explain what you can learn from them to make your advertising better.

And… I must have been distracted while recording the presentation because I said “SIX evergreen marketing principles” as the title when clearly the slide says “9” 🤣🤦‍♂

Got questions? I’d love to answer them for you in the comments.

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