Podcast #1 – How To Make Paid Social Ads Work for B2B SaaS with James Winter from Brandfolder

In this episode of SaaS Marketing Superstars podcast, I spoke with James Winter, the VP of Marketing at Brandfolder.

About James Winter:

James is the VP of Marketing at Brandfolder, a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that helps companies to manage, distribute and analyze their digital assets. Before working at Brandfolder, James was Director of Marketing at the influencer marketing platform AspireIQ

You can connect with James on LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights

  • Why having a product with a high LTV and value per lead makes it easier to compete with Facebook ads.
  • Start building up your SEO early because it takes a long time to get good rankings and it’s much more defensible once you get there.
  • “Invest in marketing operations as early as possible. Because if don’t have the ability to do good attribution and track performance really well and understand where your business is coming from, you’re never going to be able to double down on it.”
  • Why it’s important to have mentors for every specialty that you want to be good at.

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