Podcast #40 – Building a B2B Brand Using Old School advertising with Justin Oberman

About Justin Oberman:

Justin is the Co-founder of Generalists, a creative advisory firm that helps brands who aren’t getting what they need from specialists because what they need is the big picture. He’s also a student of advertising history and a prolific LinkedIn content creator and ghostwriter.
You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to apply creative ideas in B2B advertising (2:43)
  • How London Times newspaper creative idea got lawyers to subscribe to their newspaper (4:44)
  • Should B2B companies initially focus on branding the company or branding the individuals in the company (8:04)
  • How to make branding and direct response work in tandem (17:05)
  • Why Justin believes brand is not hard to measure vs direct response (23:16)
  • How Redbull broke into the London market without an ad budget (34:39)
  • How to grow your personal brand on Linkedin (36:18)
  • The 70-20-10 framework for creating Linkedin content (45:00)
  • How Justin gets clients from his Linkedin posts without relying on ads or his website (47:25)
  • A quick hack to come up with unlimited content ideas and position you as a thought-leader (57:40)
  • Favorite books, apps and business leaders (1:00:46)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Where to Listen:

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