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About Aaron Zakowski

I started my career as an accountant and auditor in Deloitte’s Financial Services dept. That experience made with a data geek and Excel nerd with an obsession with driving profits to the bottom line. After leaving accounting, I pivoted my career to marketing over 15 years ago. Since that time I’ve worked with both B2B and B2C companies to drive sales and revenue growth. From 2015-2023, I ran my marketing agency, Zammo Digital, where I focused on growth marketing and demand generation for over 100 B2B SaaS companies. My clients ranged from bootstrapped startups to growth-stage tech companies and Unicorns such as Digital Ocean and InVision.

In June 2023, I decided that I no longer wanted to run an agency and decided to focus on marketing consulting and Fraction CMO work. My goal today is to build long-term consulting relationships working closely with a small, select group of clients in order to grow and manage the marketing department and to scale their revenue and profits.

On the personal side, I live in Los Angeles with my wife and six children. I enjoy hiking, swimming, and reading.

“Companies I’ve worked with”

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes.

A great Fractional CMO will find out what your goals are and what has worked so far, and create a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve those goals.

Along the way, I’ll make sure your team is performing well and in good spirits. We’ll also put in the systems and processes to make your marketing department a reliable asset to your company.

I want to make your marketing world class.

I know how frustrating it can be to have big revenue goals for your company and to not have the time or resources to get your marketing team operating like a well-oiled machine. I have experience leading marketing teams. I love solving marketing problems and guiding teams to win with their strengths.

That’s what I’ll do for you.
I’d love to hear what your goals are… and help you reach them with marketing that gets results.

Schedule a quick 30-minute call to see if hiring me as a Fractional CMO or marketing advisor could be a good fit for your company.!

What I can do for you as a Fractional CMO:

Marketing strategies and tactics that I’m most excited to help with:

  • Paid Social Ads (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc)​
  • Partnerships​
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) ​
  • LinkedIn Employee Advocacy ​
  • Positioning/Messaging
  • B2B ​
  • Podcasting ​
  • Content Marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • LinkedIn
  • Content/Outreach/Networking
  • Funnel building
  • SEM/SEO Marketing metrics
  • Marketing Ops
  • Attribution​

How to Know if You Need a Fractional CMO:

Get The Marketing Expertise You Need to Grow Your Business

Delegate your marketing leadership to a part-time expert and achieve greater return on your marketing investments.
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