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I can help you with your Facebook ads in two different ways…

1) “Done For You” – Full-Service, Paid Ads Campaign Management

Together with my team at Zammo Digital, I provide my client with full-service campaign management to grow and scale qualified demo and trial signups for your SaaS business. We are experts at managing paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other platforms.

To learn more, visit or click here to get your free proposal

2) “Done With You” – Consulting

This offer is perfect for teams that are just starting with paid ads or who just want to manage it all in house.

During our consulting calls, I’m going to help you optimize the ROI from your Facebook ads. I’m almost always able to identify several quick wins in every ad account that can provide a big boost in profitability very quickly.

During our time together, we can discuss any marketing related topics that you want, such as:

  • Account audit
  • Recommendations for you ad creatives
  • Paid ad strategies (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc)
  • Funnel optimization
  • Anything else you can think of 🙂

My consulting package includes 4 one-hour consulting calls for a one-time cost of $1000. These 4 calls can be scheduled any time within three months of getting started.

To get started with my “Done With You” consulting package, simply email me at with Subject Line: Consulting

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