[Infographic] Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It

As you may have noticed if you’ve visited our site before, we’re kind of obsessed with reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.

While we firmly believe that no two shopping carts are alike and that constant testing is the only way to fully optimize your cart, the following infographic provides a great summary of some of the best practices that will help most ecommerce sites to reducing their cart abandonment rates.

If you’re able to implement most of these best practices into your site, you’ll be well on your way to a killer conversion rate.

Tips to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Click here to see a larger of the image.

Thanks to our friends at Monetate.com for creating this great infographic.

What have been the most powerful tests that you’ve conducted on your shopping cart? What changes gave you the most improvement? Please share your experiences. 

1 thought on “[Infographic] Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It”

  1. Really nice infographic. I think when you have your own shopping cart software it does put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but the results are well worth it as it’s a fantastic way to get just what you want. However I often worry about checkout abandonment as on more than one occasion I’ve been guilty of it myself. I think the point on asking your customers not to register is one to look at, I know when I just want to buy something and I’m ‘required’ to go through a whole register process the time consumption alone puts me off. Thanks so much for sharing, Aden.

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