10 FREE Ebooks Every SaaS Marketer Needs to Read

Nobody ever said it was easy.

Building and growing a successful SaaS company is hard work.

Whether you’re a founder or part of the marketing team, there are a lot of moving parts that you need to master. Improving onboarding, reducing churn and acquiring new users just to name a few.

Fortunately, there’s never been more quality content available to help you quickly learn and implement the skills you need to profitably grow your SaaS company.

Here are my picks for the 10 best (FREE) ebooks that every SaaS startup marketer needs to read…

1) The Complete Guide to SaaS Metrics

kilometer-ebook_optIn this guide from Kilometer.io, you’ll learn about how to measure and understand the key metrics that actually bring real value to your SaaS startup. So many companies are focused on vanity metrics and new users acquisition without focusing on the more important indicators of a healthy SaaS company such as MRR, active users, retention rates and customer lifetime value. Kilometer’s free guide will get you focused on these important metrics and many more.

Download here: http://kilometer.io/The-complete-guide-to-SaaS-metrics/

2) The Startup Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Ads


So I gotta admit that I’m a little biased here.

But if you’re trying to increase user acquisition with Facebook ads, then my free ebook will teach you everything you need to know to create high-converting Facebook ads. The ebook walks you step-by-step through the process of building a profitable strategy, picking the right audiences, bidding optimization and more.

It’s based on my experience managing over $1 million on Facebook ads and generating over 200,000 new leads for my clients.

Download here: http://zammodigital.com/facebook-ads-ebook/

3) The SaaS Owners Guide to Churn


So if you know KissMetrics (and if you work in SaaS, then you better), then you know that they put out great content. And their SaaS Owner’s Guide to Churn is no exception.

Getting churn under control for your product is one of the most important and fundamental missions for any successful SaaS company. In fact, trying to grow a company with a churn problem is like trying to paddle a leaky boat. Fortunately, this guide is here to help you “understanding churn in its infancy and take steps to improve churn rate before it’s too late”.

Download here: http://grow.kissmetrics.com/guide-to-churn

As an added bonus, you should also check out KissMetrics’ SaaS Marketing Bundle.

4) SaaS Marketing: 100+ Resources to Launch, Market & Grow your SaaS Startup


Pierre Lechelle is one of the up and coming stars in the SaaS marketing world.

His most recent Ebook provides an incredibly well researched collection of links to the interweb’s best articles, video and infographics on the topics such as SaaS business models, pricing strategy, growth hacking, user retention, and a lot more. Pierre’s already done the hard work, now you just need to go read and learn.

Download here: http://www.pierrelechelle.com/saas-marketing

5) 53 Killer Tips to Boost Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads


This free ebook from my friends Iris Shoor and Avishai Bitton at Oribi is one of my favorites. They interviewed a ton of super smart paid advertising experts to compile this great list of strategies and tactics that you can use to boost your paid user acquisition.

Download here: http://get.oribi.io/ebook/

6) Startup Edition: Wisdom From Founders, Hackers & Designers


So to be totally fair, this book isn’t totally free. But it’s author, Oscar Arevalo, is selling it on Gumroad without a fixed price. So you can pay whatever you want.

This book is based on a project originally created by Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover. The project originally started out as a “curated gathering of bloggers in the startup community sharing their wisdom and response to a single question each week.” Eventually Oscar (with Ryan’s blessing) published it as a book for the rest of the startup community to learn from.

The book is packed with wisdom from founders and marketers at companies like Zapier, Hootsuite, Desk and more.

Download here: https://gumroad.com/l/startupedition

7) Keep Your Friends Close and Your Customers Closer: Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value


We’ve all heard that acquiring a new customer is usually more expensive than maximizing profit from an existing customer. This free ebook put out by Adii Pienaar and Receiptful.com provides practical tips for delighting your existing customer in order to increase LTV per customer.

Download here: https://receiptful.com/customer-lifetime-value-book/

8) 59 Tips For Scaling Startups Sales


This free ebook from Upshift Partners is a collection of interviews with experienced founders from well known companies. The focus is on designing, building, testing, and optimizing a sales engine for your startup. The book also includes a valuable bonus section titled, “What Every Startup Founder Should Know”

Download here: http://www.upshiftpartners.com/landing-page/

9) The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)


As a Facebook ads consultant, one of the first questions I always ask new clients is how much can they afford to pay to acquire a new customer.

There are a lot of variables that go into answering that question, but the most important element is understanding what is the lifetime value of a customer. From that information, we can work backwards to extrapolate the target cost per new user acquisition.

Chartmogul’s free ebook offers one of the clearest explanations and methods I’ve seen for calculating your customers’ LTV. This information will become the backbone of many of the most important decision that you make in your SaaS business.

Download here: https://blog.chartmogul.com/2015/04/the-ultimate-guide-to-saas-customer-lifetime-value-ltv/

Bonus: Chartmogul offers a number of other high value free resources to download. Check them all out in the sidebar of their blog.

 10) SaaS Pricing Page Blueprint (Price Intelligently)

Saas-Pricing-Page-BlueprintPrice Intelligently is one of the industry leaders in SaaS pricing strategy and research. Their SaaS Pricing Page Blueprint analyzes over 270 SaaS pricing pages to teach you actionable tips to build the highest converting pricing page and most profitable pricing structure possible.

Download here: http://www.priceintelligently.com/saas-pricing-page-blueprint

Now it’s your turn…

Are there any important free SaaS marketing ebook that I missed? Leave a link in the comments and I’ll try to keep updating this list as new quality content gets released.

Hope you find these books helpful.

3 thoughts on “10 FREE Ebooks Every SaaS Marketer Needs to Read”

  1. Yes Aaron!

    Thanks for this list, have only read 1 out of 10 so need to get started 🙂

    Just signed up for the Upshift Scaling eBook and going to go and get stuck in right now.

    More like this please!

  2. keeping old customers and acquiring new ones is indeed a continuous activity. And things are always in a flux with constantly changing algorithms. great collection of free books for startups. Thanks.

  3. How great this would be for those SaaS providers and end users which are just about or have just started their SaaS journey?! Thanks for sharing such helpful article! The list of free ebooks are just superb!

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