Podcast #5 – How Wicked Reports Updated Their Website and Cut Their Sales Cycle in Half

About Scott Desgrosseilliers:

Scott is the CEO and Founder of Wicked Reports, a marketing attribution platform that helps online businesses to measure each marketing channel’s impact on sales. Scott also leads mediation groups for business teams and entrepreneurs.

You can connect with Scott on LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights

  • Why ad platform reporting should not be the source of truth for your marketing attribution (0:55)
  • How you should determine the most important touchpoints when measuring ROI with multi-touch attribution (5:15)
  • How Wicked Reports changed their advertising strategy after failing with cold traffic on a demo request with better “ingredients” for their content strategy (14:38)
  • How they cut their sales cycle in half during the current Covid-19 crisis with a change to their value positioning on their website (16:50)
  • Outsourcing your content successfully means you have to get the writers up to speed by creating a knowledge base for your product. (22:07)

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