Podcast #4 – How Sendlane’s Content Marketing Funnel Reduced Lead Costs by 60% with Jimmy Kim

About Jimmy Kim:

In this episode of SaaS Marketing Superstars podcast, I spoke with Jimmy Kim. Jimmy is the CEO and co-founder of Sendlane, a marketing automation platform helping ecommerce stores to increase customer loyalty and generate more revenue from email marketing.

You can connect with Jimmy on LinkedIn, Facebook , Instagram or Twitter.

Episode Highlights

  • How Sendlane built a content marketing machine that warms up leads and significantly reduces their cost per trial signup.
  • On content marketing… Be so future-thinking that you’re talking to the people who are thinking about the future; they’re the decision-makers who have to think about that stuff. (7:45)
  • How to solve your customers’ problems without pushing your product so that when they need a specific solution, you’ve already built the trust to be their #1 resource (8:11)
  • Using an educational course to attract customers can generate income upfront, but probably isn’t worth the effort for the ROI, though it can teach you how to build something better (17:00)
  • Launching remains old-school; connecting, networking, getting on calls, getting product reviews. Find people who believe in you and your team because your product isn’t enough. (23:18)

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