Podcast #9 – How Customer Retention Can Quickly Grow Your SaaS MRR with Corey Haines

About Corey Haines:

Corey Haines is the Head of Growth at Baremetrics, a tool to help SaaS companies to measure important revenue metrics and analytics. In addition, to his work at Baremetrics, Corey also has several marketing side hustles that I encourage you to check out such as swipefiles.co.

You can connect with Corey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights

  • How Baremetrics has been able to make a big impact in the SaaS industry with a small team of 10 full time members (1:48) 
  • How the “Transparency Movement” with open startups have helped to grow Baremetrics and other SaaS companies (3:30)
  • Baremetrics uses integrations with partners to validate their best customers during the trial period.
  • Why Corey spends most of his time creating custom videos to onboard new customers and how that impacted conversions 
  • How to move readers from blog content to the sign-up stage and increase your conversion rates (12:01)
  • Why failed credit card charges could be losing about 9% of your MRR monthly from and how you can prevent it. (14:59)
  • How introducing exit surveys for when customers cancel helps you make better product decisions (18:29)
  • Corey spoke with 20 of baremetrics’ best customers to learn everything about them in order to make their product better.
  • Corey talks about his newest project Swipe files, which is a curated library of marketing and copywriting examples with detailed tear downs of what makes them great (29:30)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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