Podcast #28 – How OptiMonk uses Customer Value Optimization to drive more sales with Eric Melchor

About Eric Melchor:

Eric Melchor is the Personalization Geek at OptiMonk, a Website Personalization tool used by over 30,000 websites.

You can connect with Eric on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • How OptiMonk transitioned from a pop-up tool to a comprehensive website optimization platform (0:27)
  • Using Customer Value Optimization (CVO) to help customers through every stage of their journey (1:16) 
  • Why businesses should avoid embracing marketing gimmicks such as creating a false sense of urgency (2:33) 
  • A case study of how Woodhouse Clothing delights their international customers with OptiMonk (5:05)
  • How OptiMonk uses reminder notifications to assist idle users and help them to fill their forms completely (7:12)
  • How businesses can personalize their customers’ experience in real time and serve them the content they are interested in (10:50)
  • The major mistakes B2B companies must avoid when describing their services (12:13)
  • Favorite books, apps, communities and business leaders (14:38)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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