Podcast #7 – How Bonjoro Uses Personalized Videos to Convert 30% of their Leads with Oli Bridge

About Oli Bridge:

In this episode of SaaS Marketing Superstars podcast, I spoke with Oli Bridge, the CMO of Bonjoro. Oli shared how his team uses their personalized videos to attract customers and affiliates in their marketing funnel.

Episode Highlights

  • How Bonjoro uses short videos from their current customers to convert 30% of their leads into customers
  • How getting one big case study launched Bonjoro into the SaaS industry
  • If you’re an early-stage SaaS company, learn how and why you need to be tracking industry from your leads
  • Learn when to use automation for a process and when you should be doing things manually. Sometimes the very growth hack-y strategies can backfire. Don’t do stuff that doesn’t suit you as a marketer. 
  • How Bonjoro tripled the number of clicks they get from their affiliate program by sending a personal video to every single affiliate that signs up.

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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