Podcast #39 – How Boast.ai hit $10M ARR from Community-Led Growth with Lloyed Lobo

About Lloyed Lobo:

Lloyed is an entrepreneur, podcast host and community builder. As the co-founder of fintech platform Boast.ai, he leveraged the Community-Led Growth model to bootstrap the company to over $10M revenue and secure over $100M in funding. He also co-founded TractionConf, a community empowering over 100k innovators through connections, content, and capital.

And recently, Lloyed is publishing his new book ‘From Grassroots To Greatness: 13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth, which comes out in early September.
You can connect with Lloyed on LinkedIn. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The differences between USA and Dubai as it relates to child care, safety, community, quality of life and work-life balance (3:17)
  • Lloyd asks me how I manage with 6 kids (4:48)
  • Appreciates his wife for her support and keeping the family in sync (7:49)
  • How his daughter’s comments challenged his workaholic mindset and being present for the birth of his 3rd child (10:12)
  • Why he was forced to step out of his company (13:20)
  • What is community-led growth (18:26)
  • *How Boast.ai helps companies (22:14)
  • Why people associate print media with legitimacy and how he got referral partners from his weekly newspaper column on startups (29:15)
  • Why your idea will fail without consistency (36:51)
  • The key strategies SaaS company can adopt to grow their community in today’s market (42:35)
  • How his cold emails for podcast outreach gets over 70% open rate (48:50)
  • Creating content for superfans, contributors and lurkers (51:43)
  • Favorite books, apps and business leaders (55:24)

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