Podcast #34 – Using LinkedIn Plus Google Ads to Drive B2B Demand with Andrew Harder

About Andrew Harder:

Andrew is a senior paid media manager at Cisco where he runs ads for 4 of Cisco’s brands. Andrew’s strategies for combining content and paid ads have helped the company to increase pipeline by 60%.

You can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights:

  • Andrew describes how he joined Cisco (0:40) 
  • How to combine organic content and paid social ads in your marketing process (1:40) 
  • Effective segmentation of LinkedIn ads (5:17) 
  • The essentials of account-based marketing (ABM) on LinkedIn (8:29)
  • Why video content is great for remarketing strategy (14.26)
  • Why he avoids the debate between gated and ungated content (19:20)
  • Insights on Demand generation and Demand capture (25:01) 
  • The key metrics he analyzes in paid ads (29:08)
  • How to run effective paid search campaigns (31:15)
  • The differences between being a paid media manager in an agency and a large organization (34:44)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Where to Listen:

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