Podcast #21 – The LinkedIn Content System that quickly scaled Lemlist to $10M ARR with Guillaume Moubeche

About Guillaume Moubeche:

Guillaume Moubeche is the CEO of Lemlist, a personalized sales automation and cold email software. Guillaume has bootstrapped Lemlist from $0 to $10M ARR in less than 4 years and even refused a $30M funding offer.

You can connect with Guillaume on LinkedIn or Twitter

Episode Highlights

  • Lemlist’s unique personalization features that differentiate it from other tools (1.14)
  • How Guillaume created Lemlist (2.22)
  • How Lemlist grew their facebook group and their content creation strategy (5.31)
  • Lemlist’s mailbox integration and how it boosts your email deliverability rate (9.34)
  • How Lemlist invests in building their team members’ personal brands (13.34)
  • Actionable strategies to improve your LinkedIn posts’ visibility and increase your following (14.30) 
  • Guillaume talks about how he got his team members to post consistently on LinkedIn and the hidden benefits of writing (20.14)
  • How Lemlist created its Masterclass series to train team members on LinkedIn, email outreach and other digital marketing strategies (24.11)
  • How Guillaume overcame the fear of building his team members personal brands and why other companies should do the same (27.10)
  • Why Guillaume turned down a $30M funding offer to acquire Lemlist (29.40)

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