Podcast #26 – Growing Invoice Ninja To 200,000 Users Without Any Marketing with Shalom Stark

About Shalom Stark:

Shalom is a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder and CEO of Invoice Ninja, a SaaS platform helping over 200,000 small businesses to invoice clients, track payments & expenses, and time billable tasks.

You can connect with Shalom on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • Shalom discusses why he left his travel agency and how he launched Invoice Ninja (0:32)
  • How Invoice Ninja embraced the Open-Source community and used their free plan to build product awareness (5:15) 
  • How Invoice Ninja integrated with 45 payment gateways and an open-source language library with 36 languages at launch (8:47) 
  • The countries with the largest number of users (13:26)
  • How Invoice Ninja used aggressive pricing and a value packed free plan to disrupt the invoicing industry (15:58) 
  • How an intuitively designed product and an engaged community helps to reduce the subscription cost for users (17:11)
  • Why Invoice Ninja adopted Flutter framework for v5 of the platform (21:36)
  • The biggest challenge they are currently facing (24:14)
  • Favorite book and business leader (27:15)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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