Podcast #12- How Gong.io Drives Growth with Organic and Paid LinkedIn Content with Mike McEuen

About Mike McEuen:

Michael has 9+ years in B2B marketing on both the agency and in-house.He’s currently the Senior Marketing Manager at Gong.io, a Revenue Intelligence Platform for remote sales teams. Before working at Gong, Michael was also the Director of Marketing at Mixmax.

You can connect with Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • How Gong harnesses all their employees to increase organic reach and brand exposure on LinkedIn (3:56)
  • How to develop a content creation team for your company (6:53)
  • Using altruistic content on LinkedIn ads to attract leads (12:56) 
  • How to optimize your sales pipeline (17:14)
  • The two common struggles most marketers face and how to overcome them (18:41)
  • Why you need to join demand gen councils (24:56)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Where to Listen:

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