Podcast #17 – Using LinkedIn Ads to drive B2B Demand Gen with Gabriel Ehrlich

About Gabriel Ehrlich:

Gabriel is a B2B marketing expert and the founder of Remotion, a LinkedIn Ads agency based in Tel Aviv where he has worked with clients such as WalkMe, Gong, Yotpo, Monday.com and many more.

You can connect with Gabriel on LinkedIn 

Episode Highlights

  • How Gabriel started Remotion (0.29)
  • How B2B SaaS companies can be successful with LinkedIn ads (5.15)
  • Why it is difficult to make LinkedIn ads ROI positive if your average Lifetime Value is less than $20k (6.25)
  • How to find out what kind of ads works for targeting within the different stages of the funnel (12.08)
  • Why marketers should never promote blog posts on LinkedIn ads (17.09)
  • How to effectively use videos in your LinkedIn ads (18.05)
  • How to deal with long enterprise sales cycles (22.41)
  • Why Gabriel doesn’t recommend using landing pages for your demo offers and prefers to capture it on the lead gen forms (23.54)
  • Gabriel lists his key recommendations for SDRs (29.05)
  • The “halo effect” of paid advertising and the challenges associated with creating LinkedIn ads for new companies with zero leads (32.27)
  • Why real attribution doesn’t exist in B2B (34.41)
  • How iOs 14 is affecting things in LinkedIn world (35.40)
  • How to qualify people in your lead gen form (36.29)
  • Why the follow-up is very important for B2B companies (38.23)
  • The tradeoff between lead gen forms and landing pages (40.14)

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