Podcast #27 – Followup CRM’s Journey to 2000 Customers with Erick Vargas

About Erick Vargas:

Erick is the President of Followup CRM, a SaaS CRM built for construction professionals.

You can connect with Erick on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • Erick breaks down his journey with Followup CRM and how he rose into a leadership role (0:17)
  • How Followup CRM grew to over 2000 customers despite running a lean operation (2:22) 
  • The biggest growth lever for Followup CRM and the power of a partner ecosystem (3:24)
  • Using webinars, stories and case studies to spur business growth (5:09) 
  • How they are encouraging a greater adoption of software in the construction industry and inspiring the younger generation (8:02)
  • The next frontier of growth in the company (9:36)
  • Favorite books, apps, communities and business leaders (13:56)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Where to Listen:

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