Podcast #35 – B2B Conversion Copywriting That Drives Revenue with Eden Bidani

About Eden Bidani:

Eden is a Conversion Copywriter helping B2B SaaS companies to increase conversions, acquire more customers and grow revenue with clearer messaging.

You can connect with Eden on LinkedIn 

Episode Highlights:

  • Eden’s ideal clients and how she helps them with their messaging (0:44) 
  • How SaaS companies can clarify their messaging when communicating with their customers (3:55) 
  • Getting access to key stakeholders of companies and their customers to get their view of the product (7:29) 
  • How to make sure that companies positioning statement and strategic narrative are used in the right places (10:25)
  • Shortening sales cycles with video testimonials (14:29)
  • The two key elements companies must focus on to excel in their messaging and communication (17:17)
  • How she has unlocked LinkedIn to grow her business (21:07) 
  • Her system for publishing content consistently (23:41) 
  • Favorite books, apps and business leaders (27:55) 

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Where to Listen:

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