Podcast #15- How Capterra Ads Helped PhoneWagon Grow to Over $1M ARR with Ryan Shank

About Ryan Shank:

Ryan is the Former CEO of PhoneWagon, a call tracking software that helps marketers and agencies to track which of their marketing campaigns are driving more phone calls and revenue. Ryan grew PhoneWagon from $0 to over $1M in annual revenue in just 4 years and recently sold the company to CallRail.

You can connect with Ryan on Twitter and LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • Ryan shares his previous experience as the COO of mHelpDesk (field service management software) (0.24)
  • How Ryan launched PhoneWagon with less than $40k (3.56)
  • The benefits and downsides of transparently sharing your business revenues and growth numbers (5.41)
  • The marketing channels that PhoneWagon successfully used in its early stages (7.44)
  • How new companies can get traffic using Capterra and G2 so that they can compete with large SaaS companies (10.12)
  • Why small B2B SaaS companies should focus on review sites such as Capterra and G2 (12.55)
  • What founders can learn from Gary Vee about using online communities to launch projects (16.48)
  • What Ryan is working on at the moment (20.54)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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