Podcast #19 – How SimilarWeb Attributes Growth to SEO and Paid Ads with Ben Bernstein

About Ben Bernstein:

Ben is currently the Director of Acquisition at SimilarWeb, an AI-based market intelligence platform that helps monitor web and mobile app traffic.
You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • Ben breaks down SimilarWeb’s features and their IPO (1.59)
  • The size of SimilarWeb’s marketing team and their responsibilities (8.11)
  • How SimilarWeb’s free tool drove tremendous traffic and brand awareness (10.20)
  • The platforms and channels SimilarWeb spend their $1m+ monthly ad budget on (12.49)
  • How SimilarWeb accounts for lead attribution (16.47)
  • The power of LinkedIn remarketing for B2B companies (18.31)
  • How SimilarWeb has found success with message ads on LinkedIn (24.12)
  • Ben talks about his biggest challenge at the moment (25.01)
  • The hidden opportunities of Youtube for B2B companies (28.28)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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