Podcast #24 – How Vajro Grew Their Shopify App to 2500 Customers with Baskar Agneeswaran

About Baskar Agneeswaran:

Baskar is the Founder and CEO of Vajro, a Shopify app that converts Shopify stores into native mobile apps in just minutes. He’s also been voted among the 40 under 40 most influential business leaders in Asia.

You can connect with Baskar on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

  • Baskar details his entrepreneurial journey within the last 20 years and how he started Vajro (0:40)
  • Why he left his flourishing career as a CPA and discovered his love for technology (2:14)
  • Three major lessons he learned from the failure of his price comparison app Prizap (4:41) 
  • How Vajro acquired their first 100 paying customers (7:25)
  • How Vajro got over 1200 5-star user reviews on Shopify and grew to over 2500 customers (9:43)
  • How SaaS founders can quickly expose customers to the value of their product and the benefits of offering a 60-days free trial (11:59)
  • The biggest challenge new Shopify app businesses are facing today (13:59)
  • Untapped marketing opportunities for B2B SaaS companies (16:51)
  • How integrations with other Shopify plugins and partnerships with resellers & communities helped to supercharge Vajro’s growth (18:28)
  • Why churn is the biggest problem Vajro is currently struggling with (19:26)
  • Favorite books and business leaders to follow (20:51)

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