Podcast #22 – How to Grow Your B2B SaaS with SEO with Jeremiah Smith

About Jeremiah Smith:

Jeremiah is the founder and CEO of SimpleTiger, a SaaS focused SEO and Content Marketing agency based in Florida. Jeremiah has over 14 years of SEO experience helping brands like E*TRADE, Audible, Mint, and many smaller startups to grow their customer base and MRR.

You can connect with Jeremiah on LinkedIn or Twitter

Episode Highlights

  • Why Jeremiah focused on the SaaS industry (1.39)
  • The 4-parts SEO framework SimpleTiger developed for SaaS companies (4.28)
  • How to use customers pain points to aid keyword research (7.48)
  • The major mistake SaaS companies must avoid during link building (9.26)
  • Why SaaS companies should adopt a hybrid approach to capturing leads instead of gating all their content (17.02)
  • How SaaS companies can strategically ungate their content, let it rank organically and flood their pipelines with leads (19.19)
  • Scammy strategies and other Black Hat SEO techniques you must avoid to prevent Google penalties (25.42)
  • The key factor that determines your website’s rank on Google today (30.12)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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