Podcast #30 – How to Attribute B2B Marketing Activities to Revenue with Steffen Hedebrandt

About Steffen Hedebrandt:

Steffen, is the co-founder and CMO of Dreamdata, a B2B attribution platform that helps connect marketing activities with revenue. Steffan is an expert in measuring a content strategy’s impact on revenue pipeline. 

You can connect with Steffen on LinkedIn

Episode Highlights:

  • Steffen shares what he has learnt from working with various B2B companies (0:36)
  • How he got introduced to the founders of Dreamdata and how they tackle the problem of attribution (2:31)
  • The importance of properly evaluating B2B attribution insights (5:03)
  • How Dreamdata helps B2B companies estimate the length of their customer journeys (7:32)
  • Why B2B companies should not focus on getting prospects to download e-books through lead forms on Linkedin (13:30)
  • How Dreamdata successfully leveraged Linkedin and Podcasts to grow their audience and revenue (15:38)
  • Metrics and touchpoints that can be used to determine meaningful customer engagement (22:14)
  • The biggest attribution problem B2B companies face and how to solve it (27:17)
  • Why he has stopped grouping customers in funnels (28:26)
  • Using Linkedin to run account based and role based retargeting ads (31:32)

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