Podcast #25 – Leveraging AppSumo for Product Led Growth with Nachum Kligman

About Nachum Kligman:

Nachum Kligman is a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder and CEO of Book Like A Boss, an all-in-one platform helping entrepreneurs and companies to create optimized landing pages that convert your visitors into scheduled meetings and customers.

You can connect with Nachum on LinkedIn or Twitter

Episode Highlights

  • Nachum talks about the major pain point he experienced that led to creating Book Like A Boss (0:25)
  • Why he chose to initially bootstrap Book Like A Boss instead of going after VC funding (2:50)
  • Key strategies he adopted to grow Book Like A Boss to over 60,000 users in five years (4:20)
  • How he leveraged Appsumo to grow his userbase and maximize revenue despite offering lifetime access (6:27)
  • Why Book Like A Boss is launching a new partner program to supercharge product growth (9.11)
  • Why he is serious about inbound sales strategy for the company service plans Book Like A Box is offering (13:08)
  • New growth opportunities they are presently exploring at Book Like A Box (14.00)
  • The biggest struggle he has experienced while running the company (16.48)
  • Favorite books, apps and business leaders to follow (18:05)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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