Podcast #23 – How Andy Mowat’s Go To Market Strategy Is Growing Gated 40% Per Month

About Andy Mowat:

Andy is the Founder and CEO of Gated, a startup dedicated to cleaning up your email inbox and raising money for charity.  Previously, Andy has led RevOps and Marketing for unicorns including Upwork, Box, and Culture Amp.

You can connect with Andy on LinkedIn or via Email

Episode Highlights

  • Andy discusses his career trajectory and how he launched Gated (0:27)
  • How Gated gained traction and helps to keep your inbox distraction-free (3:59)
  • The process involved in deciding the company’s name and how the Gated.com domain name was eventually acquired (7:06)
  • The strategies Gated employed to launch successfully on Product Hunt (9:00)
  • How Gated grew 40% month over month within the last 3 months (12:22)
  • Go-to-market strategies that SaaS companies can adopt to stand out from the noise (15:59)
  • The framework SaaS founders can use to quickly create quality content without spending much time (20:59)
  • Why LinkedIn is in danger of killing its golden goose (24:20)
  • How to create ads that convert on LinkedIn and Facebook (26:04)
  • Favorite books, apps, companies and SaaS leaders to follow (28:19)

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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