Podcast #8 – Why Quizzes Convert Higher Than Landing Pages with Anand Kansal

About Anand Kansal:

In this episode of SaaS Marketing Superstars podcast, I spoke with Anand Kansal. Anand is the Marketing Lead at Outgrow.co. Outgrow helps you create online calculators, quizzes and chatbots to acquire, qualify & engage leads.

You can connect with Anand on LinkedIn & Twitter.

Episode Highlights

  • How Outgrow helps SaaS companies generate leads using interactive tools such as calculators, quizzes, surveys and more. (3:07)
  • How to use quizzes to increase your conversion rate. (5:19)
  • Why Anand recommends infographics in your content marketing strategy. (7:20)
  • Embedding calculators as part of the Google display ad improves user engagement and interaction (8:25)
  • Why content marketing creates better leads than paid ads. (9:56)
  • Virtual summits are really effective at the moment because most events are hosted online and people are more receptive to them. They can also provide you with great content that you can reuse and repurpose in multiple ways across your entire marketing funnel. (13:36)

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