Podcast #11- Aaron Krall’s Framework for Scaling SaaS User Onboarding the Right Way

About Aaron Krall:

Aaron Krall is a SaaS User Onboarding specialist and the founder of SaaS Accelerator, a coaching program that helps SaaS founders to implement systems and processes to scale revenue faster and more predictably. Aaron also runs the SaaS Growth Hacks community on Facebook which currently has over 20,000 members.

You can connect with Aaron Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights

  • Aaron outlines the four phases of the framework he uses to help SaaS companies grow (0:53)
  • Why one of the biggest mistakes SaaS companies make is trying to scale onboarding before they are ready to scale onboarding (6:56)
  • If you can’t do a one-on-one phone call for onboarding, then you can’t scale out your onboarding. You need to know who is right for your product and how they will use it. (12:15)
  • The first step when you’re ready to scale onboarding should be building out your path of first value. See how Aaron recommends you determine what is your path of first value.(13:35)
  • The benefits SaaS companies can derive from building their own online communities and you can create your own “fishing pond” to find customers.(18:57)

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