Upkeep Case Study

Client Summary:

Upkeep is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software company. Their software is cloud based with a web and mobile application that allows maintenance industries like Property, Industrial and Facilities create, manage and update: work orders, inventory and workflow automation. Upkeep’s features allow teams to work more efficiently and minimize waste, costs and asset downtime. Their platform is offered in four service tiers from ‘Starter’ to ‘Enterprise’ level.


Upkeep had minor success with Facebook ads but the results never compared to the success of their PPC/Display ad campaigns. The CEO, Ryan, and the UpKeep team were excited to begin testing with an agency like Zammo in an effort to finally prove Facebook was also a scalable and cost effective channel for advertising. Aaron and Zammo Digital were tasked with scaling up volume and reduce CPA.

What We Did:

  • Improving optimization
  • Testing more creatives
  • Expanding audiences (combining LAL + Interests)
  • Applied “SaaS Scaling Framework” processes


Zammo was able to increase lead volume by 4.6x in month two of the campaign. Cost Per Acquisition was also reduced by 5%. The Upkeep team were happy with the results.

Aaron and Zammo turn actions into results. In only two months since they started managing our ads, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our lead volume from paid social. They’ve opened up a whole new source of leads and opportunities and do so with a sense of urgency.

Ryan Chan, CEO of Upkeep

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