Scholarship Owl Case Study

Client Summary:

Scholarship Owl is designed to take the headache out of the college financial aid application process. Users complete one basic application and Scholarship Owl’s platform applies to hundreds of scholarships within minutes based on your custom qualifying factors. It is leading the way in the Smart Application software reign offering up to $1 million in college scholarships to date.


The Scholarship Owl team wanted a cost effective solution to their need for a large volume of new customer trial accounts. Zammo was asked to turn Facebook and Instagram ads into a scalable customer acquisition channel for the platform and keep costs down overtime while scaling their previous success with Facebook ads.

What We Did:

  • Tested 100s ad creatives 
  • Optimized campaigns for different stages in the funnel
  • Utilized multiple campaign objectives to drive a high volume of leads and paying customers


We were able to maintain thousands of trial signups over an 18 month period, despite customers having to submit credit card information upon signup. In the end, we generated over 10,000 email leads per month and turned Facebook and Instagram ads into Scholarship Owl’s largest customer acquisition channel.

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron and Zammo for almost two years and they greatly helped us build our paid social media presence. They were able to quadruple our ad spend on Facebook while keeping our target CPA constantly in mind. Their creative and professional approach constantly allowed us to reach and exceed our targets and expectations.

Ken Sandorffy, Founder, Scholarship Owl

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