Invision Case Study

Client Summary:

InVision is a design prototyping and collaboration platform for graphic designers. Over 4,000,000 designers and their teams (including AirBnB, LinkedIn and Evernote) use InVision to transform their designs into fully interactive prototypes for the web and mobile applications.


Clark Valberg, the CEO of Invision and his team approached us about managing their Facebook Advertising. Our main goals were to bring down their cost per new signup and also to scale the campaign up to generate as many high quality signups using Facebook ads while spending as  conservatively as possible.

What We Did:

  • Created Lookalike audiences based on customer conversion triggers
  • Retargeted all traffic from Facebook campaigns
  • Used right side column ads to reduce spend
  • Tested and Optimized Creative


We were able to keep the average cost per signup via retargeting down 23% cheaper than signups from other campaigns. Overall, we reduced Invision’s average cost per new signup on Facebook by 44% compared to the results they achieved with a previous agency. We provided 1100% more signups per month than InVision had previously been generating on Facebook.

Aaron is a Facebook ads magician. Since Aaron started managing our Facebook campaigns, we’ve seen a 44% decrease in our cost per lead and we’re getting 11x more signups per month compared to the previous agency we were working with.

Clark Valberg, CEO of Invision

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