The Startup Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Ads

The Startup Marketers Guide

This free eBook will teach you the step by step strategies that we’ve learned spending over $1 million on Facebook ads and acquiring over 200,000 leads and signups for clients such as eBay, InVision, Treehouse, Cuisinart and more.

This comprehensive guide will teach you advance optimization techniques such as:

  • Written by Aaron Zakowski - Aaron helps leading startups accelerate user acquisition and achieve scale through Facebook Ads. I have managed over $1million in Facebook ads generating over 180,000 leads and signups for clients such as eBay, InVision, Cuisinart, Webydo, Treehouse and many more.

    - Aaron Zakowski
    CEO/Founder, Zammo Digital

  • Client Testimonial

    "Aaron is a Facebook ads magician. Since Aaron started managing our Facebook campaigns, we've seen a 44% decrease in our cost per lead and we're getting 11X more signups per month compared to the previous agency we were working with."

  • - Clark Valberg
    CEO, InVision

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