SaaS Facebook Ads Case Study - Brandfolder

Brandfolder Case Study

Client Summary:

Brandfolder is a leading digital asset management (DAM) platform for storing, distributing, and manipulating brand assets. They work with design teams at mid-market and enterprise size companies to simplify the process of managing digital assets.


Brandfolder reached out to Aaron Zakowski and Zammo Digital because they were struggling to turn Paid Social Ads into a profitable customer acquisition channel. Before working with Zammo Their volume of sales qualified leads was limited

What We Did:

  • A/B Testing many different creatives at all stages of the sales funnel
  • Combing Lookalike and Interest targeting to create high converting audiences
  • Scaling winning creatives to broader audiences.
  • Facebook content Retargeting to educate prospects about the product and streamline purchase decisions.


Zammo achieved a cost per lead over 80% lower than the target cost per lead that Brandfolder was getting with other marketing channels. A large percentage of the leads converted into opportunities and closed/won deals.

When Aaron originally reached out to pitch me on the idea of working together, I was immediately impressed by his ability to convey the value and approach of paid social on IG/FB for B2B SaaS companies. Most PPC agencies treat paid social the same way they would paid social but as anyone worth their stuff knows, that is a recipe for disaster. Aaron and his team have the right recipe and understanding for making paid social work for a high ACV B2B SaaS company like us. They’ve been responsive and are constantly pushing and testing to figure out how to get our CPA down. So far the results have really spoken for themselves.

James Winter, VP of Marketing at Brandfolder

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