Agorapluse Case Study

Client Summary:

Agorapulse happens to be a service we love using in addition to being one of our many clients. If you haven’t heard of the social media management tool, they specialize in helping brands build authentic relationships and drive engagement. Agorapulse’s interface shines in comparison to other social management dashboards.


AgoraPulse’s objective was to drive brand awareness and convert traffic into free trial users and eventually paid customers. Their target customers were also both national and international so creating campaigns for foreign audiences and for the most part, cold audience groups, also posed a challenge.

What We Did:

  • Created campaign for Cold Audience to drive awareness and conversions
  • Created Bottom of Funnel campaigns to convert free trial users to paid customers
  • Created and tested dozens of ad creatives
  • Segmented US and International audience to achieve efficient spend.


Zammo reduced CPA of free trial offer by 12% and overall cost per click by 15%.

ROI and great communication are key for us when it comes to working with an external partner, which makes Aaron and Courtney the perfect fit for managing our Facebook ads. They are just as metrics-driven as we are, quick to respond, and always efficient with any changes or experimenting we request. We’ve been able to cut our Customer Acquisition Cost by about 12% and increase brand awareness within the right audience, meaning we’ve also cut our CPC by 15%. It’s a no brainer for us to continue investing with Zammo!

Hannah Recker, Inbound & Marketing Operations Manager at Agorapulse

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